$1 STREET SHOE SHINE by "Polito" On the Streets of 🇲🇽 Oaxaca Centro, Mexico (ASMR)

Oaxaca Centro, Mexico.

I was walking the streets of Oaxaca Centro, when I saw a shoe shine happening right on the street. I figured I would join in, so I asked to be next. He polished and shined my black shoes to perfection.

Mexicans like their shoes as clean and shiney as possible, and I was honored to be a part of the tradition.

Traveling Oaxaca is such a joy, experiencing the traditional life. I am loving the homemade foods, such as Oaxaca chocolate, Oaxaca coffee, and traditional ice cream nieves.

Cost: 20 Mexican Pesos ($1 USD)

Music in this video:
Be The One (feat. Anaïk) Vendredi

Some people will get ASMR pleasure from this shoe shine/shoe polishing video.

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This video is co-produced by Carla Marie Rupp.

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Jason Rupp

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