Trying to replace Adidas NEO SE Daily Vulc?

I have been having a horrible time trying to replace my current shoes, so hopefully someone will have a recommendation for me. I have tried countless other Adidas shoes but cannot seem to find ones that match the comfort and style of my current pair. My current pair is, to the best of my knowledge, the older version of this pair:


The pair that I have does not say Adidas NEO on the footbed, but instead says “cloudfoam footbed.” Pressing your finger into the footbed makes it clear that it is made of a memory foam material, as it is much softer than something like Ortholite or something without any specific sole technology. I am trying to find a pair of shoes, preferably Adidas but at this point I’ll take anything, that has the same level of comfort as these shoes in the same style. I’ve tried Gazelle, Campus, and Super Daily, and none of them have been as comfortable. The first two don’t even have memory foam, and the third, while it does have memory foam, has the worst arch in a shoe I’ve ever worn. I could literally feel the rubber wall of the midsole/outsole whenever I took a step, almost as if the shoe is aligned in such a way that your foot hangs over the edge of it. Having just the cloudfoam or the ortholite with cloudfoam is not nearly as cushioned as the memory foam. What is particularly confusing to me is that Adidas seems to use the term cloudfoam to indicate a type of insole, not a type of footbed, but the NEOs are very thin which leads me to believe that, while they are more comfortably padded with the memory foam, do not have the green cloudfoam material that is in shoes like the Super Daily.

Long story short, I am desperate to find a pair of shoes that is as comfortable as my current pair and in the same style or as close to this style as I can find. The NEO’s I have now are light, cushioned, and the sole is thin enough that it has great board-feel while skating. I like the style of the other three shoes I listed above, but again, they were not nearly as comfortable. The cloudfoam in the new shoes also makes them feel much too thick, which while I’m sure this is better for support, it makes me feel like I’m walking on two bricks because of how much thicker they are than the NEOs. I could buy the pair I linked, but because they are becoming harder to find, it is now $70 for what was until recently a budget pair of sneakers previously found at places like Kohls. If worst comes to worst I can bite the bullet and buy this pair from Amazon, but I can’t even be sure it has the same footbed, and I’ve had the same pair of shoes for years and was hoping for a bit of a style change or at least a new color. Perhaps I could also consider getting one of those other shoes and getting a third party memory foam insert, but I’m worried that it will increase the thickness of the bottom of the shoe too much, and I really like the thin and flat nature of the NEOs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


TL;DR looking for shoe as comfortable as Adidas NEO SE Daily Vulc with memory foam with the same style as it or Gazelle, Campus, or Super Daily, which I don’t find comfortable

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