This TALENT gets Jennifer Hudson's SHOE THROWN at her

When MaKenzie Thomas auditioned for the 14th season of The Voice, she unfortunately didn’t turn a chair. But luckily, she came back in season 15 and this time Jennifer Hudson just couldn’t resist MaKenzie’s buttery smooth voice.

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Check out Makenzie’s incredible ROAD TO in #TheVoice now.

🚨 Songs in this video:
1. Blind Audition: “Big White Room” by Jessie J
2. The Knockout: “How Deep Is Your Love” by Bee Gees
3. Playoffs: “I Believe in You and Me” by Whitney Houston
4. Liveshow 1: “I Am Changing” by Jennifer Holliday
5. Liveshow 2: “Emotion“ by Destiny’s Child
6. Liveshow 3: “Because You Loved Me” by Céline Dion
7. Semi-Final: “Vision of Love“ by Mariah Carey
8. Semi-Final Duet: “Best of My Love/Got to Be Real” by The Emotions/Cheryl Lynn
9. Semi-Final: “Up to the Mountain” by Patty Griffin

🚨 Journey info:
MaKenzie Thomas was a Semi-Finalist of the 15th season of The Voice USA in 2018. She was part of team Jennifer Hudson.

🚨 Social Channels of MaKenzie Thomas:
IG: @itsmakenziet
FB: /teamMaKenzieThomas

🚨 Series info:
In the #RoadTo we combine all performances of one amazing talent in The Voice together. From The Blind Auditions till the Finals. Enjoy!

🚨 Hashtags:
#TheVoice #RoadTo #MaKenzieThomas

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