The Art Of Shoe Shining

Discover the art of shoe shining with shine tsar Mr Justin FitzPatrick.

MR PORTER guides you through the complexities of oiling your Oxfords and buffing your brogues together with shoe shining connoisseur Mr Justin FitzPatrick. Follow this step-to-step guide to become an expert in artisanal shoe polishing at home.

1. Cleaning. Clean your shoes with a brush or cloth to get rid of dirt or dust. Remember to allow time for drying after each stage.
2. Conditioning. Feed the leather the nutrients it needs to avoid drying the leather.
3. Colour rejuvenation. Take a welt brush with a cream and paste polish and rub around the entire shoe thoroughly.
4. Wax polish application. Take an old rag and apply wax polish in circular motion.
5. Shining. Continue the wax polishing and mix with water and continue to apply in circular motions until you build up the perfect shine.

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