Hello! In the last 2 years I have developed bunionettes (the little fingers sticking out) which give me pain if I walk too long in the narrower running shoes I have been walking in all this time. My orthopedist gave me insoles which are supposed to relieve pain, but they only help a little. She also measured my foot and said it’s size 39 (6-6.5) whereas I have always been wearing 42 (8.5-9). I never felt any discomfort. Could it be that I developed the problem because my feet was not 100% tucked in and fit the shoe completely? But then, I heard that there should fit a thumb between the front of the shoe and where the toe ends. Anyway, sorry for rambling, my question is:
In the evening, I felt pretty comfortable in size 43 (9.5-10.5) [ECCO walking shoe](, though there was a sizable room in the shoe, I wasn’t falling off and I did not have to hold the shoe in any way consciously. Whereas in 42 (8.5-9) I felt my little finger complaining, but they were comfortable, too. Someone told me that the leather would stretch in 42, but it would only stretch to accommodate the anatomy of my finger; thus, the finger would continue to be rubbed against its surface, wouldn’t it? I don’t know which size to take. I’m a little guy (5.6″-167cm) so it feels strange for me to get such a big size… Should I trust the leather to stretch/should I be afraid that the larger shoe could be uncomfortable in the mornings? Thanks in advance if anyone decides to try and help!

P.S. I am from Eastern Europe, so 99.5% of shoes recommended in this subreddit are not available to me, unfortunately

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