Shoes for someone with both flat feet AND intoeing (pigeon toed)? It’s really hard.

I’ve always been fairly pigeon toed and my feet are very flat. It is very noticeable that my body is “wrong” and it usually makes people think that I have mental deficiencies.

I have never liked regular sneakers due to the built in arch. I don’t know that I naturally have a foot arch, so these shoes are painful to wear after a while. Never seen a podiatrist but I’m actively working on it.

I wear the following shoes (10/10w):

* Flip flops

* Flats

* Converse

* Vans

* Heels with a short heel (<2 inches)

I’m very prone to getting bad blisters on the back of my feet from shoes. I’ve never seen anyone else have that issue and when I get them I can’t wear shoes with backs on them until it heals.

I try to walk for an hour a day but most of the time I can’t wear regular shoes so I go barefoot or in flip flops. I know that’s bad but it hurts more otherwise.

My foot pain is starting to get worse. I get a lot of advice for flat feet that doesn’t work for pigeon toe and vis versa but nothing that works for both.

Any advice on how to deal with this or just anyone with alien feet like mine is appreciated.

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