Re-Sole Your Shoes

This is an instructional video where I teach you to affix a old car tyre to your longboarding shoes.

Some things I didn’t say in the video.

If you can’t be bothered doing this, for a small fee, I can send you some rubber or do it for you. Message me on youtube if you would like this option.

Tyre selection: you should choose a well worn high performance tyre. If you choose a reasonably new tyre, your shoes will become platforms. Thinner still gives you good board feel under your foot. Don’t choose a racing slick, if you do and you do a long footbrake, the tyre will heat up too much and give ridiculous amounts of grip, then, when you put your foot back on your board, the shoe will cool back down and you run the risk of your shoe gluing itself to the board with the melted rubber. High performance tyres are best.

Where to get a tyre: any car tyre shop will generally give away their old tyres, you can just ask them there.

Glue selection: you want a glue that will stay strong as it bends. Super glue dries solid and is virtually unbendable, whereas a good rubber glue stays strong as the shoe flexes.
Rubber is easier to cut when it is being stretched or bent.

From reading the comments, many have suggested hanging the tyre. I have tried this, I wasn’t to much of simply hanging the tyre under it’s own weight. However, my suggestion is to hang it from a bench vice and to sit on the tyre with all your weight (if you can do this without a bench vice, so be it, but my makeshift rig wasn’t strong enough). The bench vice is very effective, however you can only do about a foot at a time before the tyre is on the ground. Cut off that segment (with enough to still be clamped) and begin again.

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