No Slip Shoes!

yeaaah buddy!

I know a lot of people know this info already, but I also know a lot of people don’t. 😉

MakeupHussy says: bath treads work really well too…they’re self adhesive/water-resistant and uber cheap for a pack of like 20! (good to know!)

p.s. in every day life I only wear chucks, high tops, or boots.
the cha cha heels only come out when in drag.

buying shoe grips, or having rubber put on the bottom of your shoes can be expensive, especially if you have a lot of pairs of shoes. A $1 roll of duct tape = cheaper alternative that works just the same.

Roughing up the bottom of your shoes with a fork, cheese grater, sandpaper, or anything like that works too. I prefer the tape because it’s faster, and you can peel it off if you need to.

Oh yes I am saying CAULKING. For those who want to think otherwise 😉

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