Need help identifying age of Johnston & Murphy Wingtips

Not sure where to post this: My grandpa passed away about 12 years ago but we just got to going through the house as my grandma is getting put in assisted living. I just bought some J&M Waverly black wingtips a few months back and wouldn’t you know, we found almost an identical pair in my grandpa’s closet. I plan on restoring and wearing these suckers in rotation with my new ones (they are slightly more like patent leather than the newer matte finish). For sentimental reasons, I’m trying to figure out how old they are. On the inside of they have a series of numbers that may help but I’m not even sure where to search for those. On the top line it says 12 C/R(or H, its worn) 661375 and below that 15-1131 812.

Does anyone know if there is a way I can use this information to find out how old/what year they were? Sorry this isn’t fashion related but the shoes do look great when I sport them.

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