My Shoe Collection!

Hey guys!
Before I get started, I want to shout out a little disclaimer. I don’t want anyone to feel like im boasting about how many shoes I have (although there are many people who have more than I do), I just really like watching other people’s shoe collections, so i figured that maybe some people would like to see mine haha.
I am going to list where I got all the shoes below in case you are interested, and I hope you all enjoy this video!
Four pairs of shoes are missing from this video: A nude pair of heels, two pairs of gladiator sandals, and my workout shoes, but it is because i was having trouble editing, but it turned out amazing regardless.

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Shoes, in order, and where I got them:
Roxy Boots from Tillys–Thank you Jim!
Fringe boots from Ross
Oxblood boots from Fashion Q
Knee high Soda boots from Fashion Q
Madden Girl boots from Ross
Vintage cow skin boots passed down to me from my Aunt
Black combat boots from Fashion Q
Uggs from my Aunt
Heeled black boots from Fashion Q
Mossimo wedges from Target–Thank you Jim, Again
Black ankle boots from Walmart
Taupe Heeled booties from Fashion Q
Black ankle booties from Target–Once again, thank you Jim
Black lace heels from D from Fashion Q–Thanks to Jimmy again
Black strappy wedges from Tillys
Black platform wedges, Fashion Q
Black strap wedges from Fashion Q
Rose gold heels from Forever 21
White wedge tennis shoes from Forever 21, once again, Jimmy
Brown Moccasins from Target
Black lace oxfords from Fashion Q
Tan flats from Fashion Q
Mossimo flats from Target
White flats from Fashion Q
Black strappy flats from Fashion Q
White mossimo flip flopts from Target
Havaianas from my Aunt, and theyre special, no one has these
gladiator sandals from Fashion Q

song is “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris

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