Looking for recommendations – Also I’m generally a noob

Hey, hope this subreddit is… the right one for this kinda jam? Sorry if not… (also wow really sorry if there’s some kind of FAQ megathread and I actually can’t read? I looked, promise)

I’m gonna be a student teacher soon and with that comes a whole lot of standing and walking. Given that my area (rural Germany) doesn’t seem to have any decent shoe stores (where people take the time and actually want to help me out), I’m just asking around and reddit helped me before.

So far I’ve actually only had no name shoes that collapsed after a few weeks and a pair of Nikes that were with me since 10th grade gym class and I love them to bits – but they don’t exactly look fashionable anymore.

I have absolutely no clue where to begin with shoes/sneakers…

* I don’t care much about the brand and barely care about price
* They should have very minimal (if any) branding, black/grey, preferably a black sole too. Teachers in Germany luckily aren’t bound to formal dress so they can certainly look pretty sport-ish..?
* As comfortable as possible (that’s probably very subjective)
* Should be durable and hold for a long time (what even is a long time? I’d wear them every day probably… Should I buy multiple pairs and switch them out?)

In general, I’d be happy about any pointers. I’m mainly looking for brands/websites that I can browse and if anyone knows stores in Germany where I can get proper help (and try some better ones on than just the low-mid range Adidas, Nike and Puma) that’d be great too!


TL;DR: How do I even shoe?; Where and how can I get a decent pair to walk around all day in that doesn’t completely yell “I am a brand shoe” and that’ll hold for a long time?

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