Looking for recommendation on men’s casual multipurpose shoes

I’m looking for any advice on brands to look at for a man’s casual shoe, sneaker, cross trainer, athletic shoe, tennis shoe, or whatever you want to call it, for casual use walking around, playing some casual sports (tennis, soccer, frisbee), the occasional hike. I have running shoes for my actual running, and hiking boots for more dedicated hikes, these would be just general all-purpose casual shoes.

For the past several years I’ve been wearing sketchers relaxed fit shoes, and I’ve enjoyed them a lot, but reading some recent reviews on amazon seems to suggest that the quality of the brand may have gone down and they’re falling apart on people quickly.

I am looking for something durable that’ll last for years, and have some good traction on various surfaces, and be comfortable, and I don’t care if they’re the most fashionable. Any brands that I should particularly look into or avoid? Preferably something less expensive (<$60), but I’m willing to pay more for something great.

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