Looking for advice regarding a pair of sneakers.

Recently, my current pair of sneakers are breaking down because of being stuck in the mud while I was rushing to a class. So now I’m looking into buying a new pair. Right now, I’m looking for advice regarding shoes. I’ve already done some searching and I came across [Converse One Start Mid Counter Climate High Top](https://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/converse-one-star-mid-counter-climate-high-top-unisex-shoe/pid-12011987/pgid-12284020). According to the page, it says its water-resistant and I want confirmation on this. I’ve been scouring a bit on Google for any reviews of it. What I want to confirm is whether or not these shoes are REALLY water-resistant. Like how much can it resist?

If it turns out that pair is, well, utterly useless, are there any guides you guys can direct me to for finding shoes(not necessarily sneakers) that I can wear on an everyday basis and are water-resistant enough to last walks in mud, rain, or puddles?

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