Looking for a shoe or brand recommendation

You guys probably see this a lot, but I’m tired of buying $20 shoes and having them wear out in less than a year. I’m looking for a higher-quality brand or specific shoe that I can wear to work and out on walks.

I would like a suggestion for a shoe that I can wear to work (We’re a jeans and polo / T-shirt kind of company) and out on short hikes, that will be comfortable sitting or walking, and that will last me a while. I’m okay paying more for the shoe if it will last me longer and serve me better while it lasts.

I’m 255 pounds, men’s size 11, with minor knee problems. I don’t spend a lot of time during the day on my feet, but I go on walks and short hikes (concrete, asphalt, brick, and bare ground) for exercise, though I don’t do much (any) running. I don’t need special considerations as far as footwear to move and keep my knees healthy, but that might be a minor factor in selecting as far as comfort goes. In a size 11 I have about as much width as I need, but there’s an inch or so between the toe of the shoe and my toes, so a 10-W might be good enough or even better. From looking at my insoles I tend to put more wear on the ball of my feet and my big toe than I do on the heel or the outside of the foot.

As far as looks, I’m a 30-year-old guy who doesn’t particularly care for pretense or fashion beyond looking presentable. I’d prefer it not look ostentatious, juvenile, or otherwise out of place in my typically plain and unremarkable daily attire. Preferably brown, gray, black, or some other muted color.

Hopefully this isn’t too specific an ask, and honestly even a recommendation of a particular brand would be more than I have to go on right now. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply!

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