Looking for a remote 11×4 inch foot shopper (Middle-East Coast USA)

There are a few inexpensive styles at Shoe Show Mega that I want to figure out the right size for mail-ordering (they don’t reimburse return shipping for wrong size/fit). They are round-toe, listed as 12M, 12W, 13W & are $9-11. You may want to buy them yourself too if they fit your 11×4 inch feet.

[12M Gesina](https://i.imgur.com/5wWjm78.png)

[12M Moxie](https://i.imgur.com/RzyevQ6.png)

[12W Moxie](https://i.imgur.com/inPk50w.png)

[13W Moxie](https://i.imgur.com/zGgebuN.png)

[12M Cora](https://i.imgur.com/za65oVR.png)

My feet are 11×4 inches at the widest points, but to reach the nearest Shoe Show Mega store, I’d have to travel 3 states away at least, assuming they even have them there & not more states away. Please send me a couple pics in advance with your foot (in thin socks if at all) & a measuring tape or ruler showing it’s 11×4 inches too, so I know the remote foot shopping will be as if my foot was trying them on. You don’t need to take pictures for me at the store unless you want to, or it’ll help you note which size for each style fits 11×4 inch feet, if any do at all.

What I do when I try on shoes is put them on, shift my heel all the way to the back, let my toes relax forward, and pinch the tip of the shoe between my thumb & forefinger. If the pinching has enough space that I’m not pinching down on my toes, but right in front of them, the shoes are a good fit. As long as there’s not pressure points jabbing into my feet & the toes have that breathing room, I would buy them.

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