K-Swiss Ariake Shoes

Commercial #2 Race to Center Court
The second commercial for the Ariake K-Swiss freerunning shoe. Anybody who practices freerunning or parkour should get these shoes. Perfect for any traceur. They are $100 off of the K-Swiss website and come in a variety of colors. The exact link is:

The following is information on this commercial:
Who: Tyson Cecka , Levi Meeuwenberg , Michael Zernow , Victor Lopez, Xin

Where: Los Angeles, California

When: February 2007

What: Two national commercials for K-Swiss athletic shoes

Several members of the Tribe are featured in two professional K-Swiss television commercials. “Race to Center Court” (March ’07) and “Even Playing Field” (July ’07). These spots feature Anna Kournikova and were filmed in Los Angeles, California by Ken Arlidge of Aero Films with Gary Jensen acting as stunt coordinator. The Tribe’s Mark Toorock acted as “Parkour Consultant” where he was actively involved in location scouting, casting, talent training, stunt coordination, story board and talent coordination.

Skynative acts as the freerunning double and appears on screen for most of the spot in “Race to Center Court.” Tyson is a principal and did all his own stunts in “Even Playing Field” in which Frosti was brought into to do some double-ing as well. Click through for the video!

This information was taken from:
This video featured members of the freerunning group The Tribe.
I believe Levi Meeuwenberg did the doubling in this commercial.

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