I found a pair of Church’s leather Oxfords in a charity shop, and I need a little advice about them please.


but smaller

Firstly, I have taken them to Timpson’s and had a rubber heel and sole fitted.

And secondly, although I paid only £6.50 for them, I am utterly in love with them. They are the perfect size for me and I want them to start feeling nicer and to last a long time.

SO what I need to know is, how to look after them? I have never owned a pair of shoes more expensive than Clark’s before. I can never, ever afford to replace them and the chances of finding another pair of Church’s Oxfords in a size 5 for £6.50 is basically nil. I need to learn.

They feel stiff. They do look brand new, the inner was perfect and they had a pristine leather sole and heel but (obviously) I’m British and it’s getting to winter, they needed to be rubber. Will the stiffness bed in or is this just the feeling of expensive shoes?

And how do I keep them nice? Supposedly good shoes can last a lifetime and google tells me these are good shoes, but obviously they need care.

Thank you and apologies if I”m on the wrong forum

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