Florsheim Rivas now much smaller – need to find a new casual work shoe

I’ve been wearing Florsheim Riva’s for 20 years, same style, same size. Last year during a sale I bought some more pairs from a shoe store in Georgia and put them aside for when my current pairs got worn. This spring I decided to switch to the new pairs. To my surprise, they were much smaller than (all) my previous ones. Couldn’t even fit the usual PowerStep arch support insert I like to use into the shoe and still get my foot in. Even without the insert, they were uncomfortably tight.

I then took a measuring tape and measured them as well as my old pairs. The new ones were indeed far smaller – less wide, less height inside. Not a minor difference – like an inch difference in each dimension. I thought I had received counterfeits so I contacted the store and then Florsheim. I sent them the comparison photos. Florsheim wanted to see them and said to send them directly to Florsheim.






Well six weeks later they “rule in my favor” and I get replacement pairs. If anything, they are even smaller than the ones I sent back. It seems they have totally shrunk their Rivas to the point I can’t wear them at all. I am already wearing a triple E width so there is no wider size to go to. Now I have to figure out what to start buying instead of Rivas (and don’t want to go into retail stores right now for obvious reasons – I am in Florida).

I have lost all confidence in Florsheim – they said they didn’t change their shoe size, but the evidence speaks for itself. Since I got the replacements directly from them, I know it’s not a counterfeit issue either.

Any recommendations for a replacement shoe (from another company!) would be welcome – I know little about shoes and thought I would be wearing these the rest of my career. I wore them because they looked decent for work but were also very soft and comfortable.

Any tips about how to shop for a new type of shoe online, when you can’t just instantly try them on, would be welcome. I am guessing ordering multiple sizes from Zappos and sending most back is the thing now? Thanks.

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