Can’t Find This Style of Shoe Anywhere, Does Anyone Know Where I May Find A Pair Or Can Reccomend A Similar Shoe

I have been searching for a specific pair of Etnies brand shoes ever since the pair I bought and wore since 2012 started to deteriorate a few years ago.

This[Shoe]( is the shoe in question. I apologize if that link sends anyone to an online retailer, it should just be a picture of the shoes though. I didn’t pay attention to the model of shoe at the time of purchase but after a little online research I’ve identified them as Etnies Pistons. The only other style they could be is Charter, but the shoes I’ve left a link to look EXACTLY like the pair I own (black/blue/grey except new, of course.)

It’s difficult for me to find a comfortable shoe because I have wide and slightly flat feet. Up until a certain point in my life, I only wore work boots because they were the most comfortable. I came upon the Etnies Piston at my local Super Shoes (where the “S” in Shoes on the light-up sign was always burnt out) and decided to try them on because they looked cool. I fell in love. The fat tongue, comfortable soles, the fact they didn’t lift off my heel when I took a step like every other sneaker. I could tie the laces once, tuck the rest in the shoe and slip them on and off every time without having to mess with the spaghetti laces on my work boots. Plus, they allowed my feet to breathe a little more than what I’m used to which is a good thing.

I don’t care if anyone hates on me for wearing Etnies when I don’t even skate or attend middle school, these shoes ARE STILL comfy as all hell after almost 8 years of use but they need replacing. The soles are starting to come apart. I can’t wear these bad boys out in the rain without a little water seeping in and making part of my socks damp.

So does anyone know of a place I might find these unused and still for sale? If not, I would greatly appreciate a recommendation for a pair of shoes that are similar in design and fit.

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