Best Men's Dress Shoe Brands Under $300 Reviewed

Here, we rounded up our top 10 best men’s dress shoe brands, why we think they are and we mention their prices as of 2020:

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If you’d prefer to watch individual videos for each brand, you can find our playlist here:

→ Wool Challis Bow Tie in Yellow:
→ Shantung Striped Green Silk Tie:
→ Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks Dark Navy Blue:
→ Knit Tie in Solid Rust Orange Silk:
→ Dark Brown Shoelaces Round – Waxed Cotton Dress Shoe Laces:
→ Mid Brown Shoelaces Round – Waxed Cotton Dress Shoe Laces:
→ Knit Tie in Burgundy Solid Red Silk:
→ Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks Navy Blue & Red:
→ Navy and Yellow Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks:
→ Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks Grey and Prussian Blue:
→ Black Shoelaces Round – Waxed Cotton Dress Shoe Laces:

→ 5 Shoes You Need:
→ The Ultimate Loafer Shoes Guide For Men:
→ Shoe Toe Shapes and Detailing Explained:
→ The Oxford Shoes Guide:
→ How A Dress Shoe Should Fit:
→ 100 USD vs. 500 USD Men’s Dress Shoes:
→ G.H. Bass “Weejuns” Loafers: Is It Worth It?
→ Best Shoe Deodorizer For Stinky Feet:
→ The Derby Shoe & Blucher Guide:
→ Monk Strap Shoe Guide:
→ Scarosso Shoe Review:
→ The 4 Biggest Men’s Dress Shoe Mistakes & How To Avoid Them:
→ 3 Men’s Dress Shoes Must-Haves:
→ Fred Astaire: Gentleman of Style:
→ Anatomy of a Dress Shoe:

→ Research: Sven Raphael Schneider & Preston Schlueter
→ Camera: Chris Dummer
→ Editing: Chris Dummer & Jonathan Oster
→ Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
→ Cole Haan
→ Johnston & Murphy
→ Barker
→ Bexley

→ Allen Edmonds
→ Pedag USA

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Gentleman’s Gazette


If you’re a longtime follower of the Gentleman’s Gazette, you can see that this is a slightly different format. We wanted to try something that was a bit more casual and more conversational hence the chairs so if this is a format that you like and that you’d like to see more of let us know in the comments.

We looked at all a dress shoe brands under $300 that we thought were worth reviewing and we got a pair of each of the brands, they all send them to us so it’s a level playing field. No one paid us to say anything, there’s no other kind of relationship that we’re hiding, we’ve got the pairs of shoes from all of them.

Even though these are ultimately opinions and they are subjective, we are trying to be as objective in our analysis as possible.

0:00 – Introduction
01:43 – Becket Simonon
13:37 – Taft
21:13 – Loake
27:39 – Moral Code
34:52 – Scarosso
40:34 – Velasca
48:37 – Undandy
58:27 – Meermin
01:07:11 – Strange Island
01:10:35 – Ace Marks

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