Any recommendations for wide feet?

Can anybody recommend me sneakers for wider feet? Been trying to buy some new sneakers for work but holy shit it’s frustrating. Been looking since last year on and off but having no luck as I think I have wide feet and every pair I try is too narrow. My feet are always bulging a bit on the outside. I’m a size 12 UK/13 US so a lot of the time shops/sites wont stock a size up for me to try. I’ve been wearing my running shoes, Brooks Ghost 11’s cos they are just so damn comfy but need something that’s not a trainer. Those are standard d width but the standard width most sneakers come in is too narrow for me. Tried a few pairs recently that were no good:

Asics HyperGel
New Balance 1530
Adidas Ultraboost
Nike AF1s
Nike Air Max 97
Nike Air Max tn se

Tl;dr if anyone can recommend any makes or models that are a bit wider in the toe box/ball area please let me know, I just want some nice shoes and am feeling like the world of sneakers if kinda closed off to me right now.

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