$40 Wooden Shoes Netherlands 🇳🇱

■ MARKEN, NETHERLANDS: When I go shopping for shoes, the choice usually stands between Nike or Adidas. In the Netherlands however, it’s less about the brand but more about the material; or even which type of wood. For the Dutch are famous for making shoes from European Willow trees or yellow poplar, called wooden clogs or Klompen!

But how on earth do you distinguish a quality wooden pair of shoes from one that will break with the first stomp of a cow’s hoof? What is a fair price for a high quality authentically handmade pair of Dutch wooden shoes? Where can you buy these shoes? And how exactly are they made?

To learn more about how the Dutch made their wooden clogs in the olden days as well as buy my very own first ever pair, I set out to the stunning village of Marken, a 20 minute drive from Amsterdam for an unusual shopping spree.

■ You can buy your own pair of wooden shoes and have them shipped to your home through their website:

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